Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983

# Andy Lau as Yang Guo
# Idy Chan as Dragon Girl (Xiao Longnu)
The sequel to LOCH. Its story of Yang Guo, son of Yang/Wanyan Kang and Mu Nianci. Guo is a very smart kid like his father, hence Huang Rong fears he will turn out bad like his father. So Jing sents him to Quanzen School. But he gets humiliated there and eventually joins Ancient Tomb Sect and learns kungfu from Dragon Girl.
Guo also meets Ouyang Feng and makes him his Godfather. Ouyang Feng hits acupoint of dragon girl and she gets freezed. One of the taoist takes advantage of her and rapes her, by putting a blind fold on Dragon girl's eyes. She thinks that Yang Guo has done that and asks him to marry her. But Guo could not understand what she's talking about. This makes Dragon Girl sad and she leaves him. Then story goes on as Yang guo meets Guo Jing and Rong again and refuses their proposal to marry Guo Fu (their daughter). Whole martial world opposes and insults the love between Yang Guo and Dragon Girl as she was his teacher. Then story progresses with how Yang Guo inherits Dugu Qiubai Sword style and becomes the One Armed Condor Hero. And will he will ever unite with the only love of his life Dragon Girl ?

Review : This is a very touching story , how many difficulties and challenges Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu had to face. Dragon Girl is only 4 years older than Yang Guo, so it was very likely that both of them would fall in love as they lived all alone for years in the ancient tomb. Many characters like Guo Jing , Huang Rong , Huang Yaoshi, Zhou Botong, Hong Qiqong , Ouyang Feng , Master Ke(eldest seven freaks) will also be there in this series and will encounter Yang Guo at times.
Main Villains are Golden Wheel Abbot,Li Mochou , Huodu (Mongol Prince),Möngke Khan , Kublai Khan, Gongsun Zhi (master of passionless valley)
Though this one was not good as LOCH but it still is a classic. So all Wuxia lovers , you have to see this one too.

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