Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Blood Stained Intrigue 1986


* Bak Jin Man (Au Wai Len)
He is the oldest of the threesome. Perhaps the only one with a happy ending?

* Bak Yuk Ying (Yung Wai Mun)
She is the middle one, the one who possesses cold blood warm heart. ^^

* Bak Jin Mo (Jimmy Au Sui Wai)
He is the youngest. He gets in very complex relationships with multiple girls, although he only likes one girl.

* Hung Chun Yu (Lai Han Chi)
The evil puppeteer in this series dealing with all sorts of conspiracies.

The series started off with the Bak family being hunted down by the people of the martial art world. They are a well-known family and consist of 5 members: the father--Bak Fung Tin (Kenneth Tsang), the mother, and their 3 children: Jin Man, Yuk Ying, and Jin Mo. Fung Tin was said to have murdered the leaders of 4 powerful sects, so the head of the martial art world ordered that his whole family be killed.

The Story then progress on how the three siblings survive and meet again to avenge their parents death.

Review :

This is one of my all time favorites. The story and suspense is just amazing. It has everything action, romance,suspense,ghost,evil forces,strange animals,two very powerful swords .. hehe.. everything is there.
Its a 40 episode show, though not based on any novel still it deals with a lot of characters and their stories. All Wuxia fans this is just one of the best made shows ever.. A must watch..


  1. Definitely the best of the series posted on Home TV

  2. Where can i watch these wuxia series eg zu mountain saga .. The legend of the condor heros etcc..plzz help i ak very desperate to watch them

  3. I used to watch all these series on hometv like u all still give me goosebumps watching their theme song i still remember the characters names .. The shutting down of home tv was a great set back then. I used to fight with my cable operator and the cable guy always used to say-" peeche se band hai"!! Blood stained intrique, zu mountain saga,legend of the condor heroes, brothers under the skin all were epic.

    1. I had the same experience. I too loved all of these and never missed a single episode. I wish we could see Home TV on air again in the present era.

    2. Same I need to see all the episode of wuxia drama

  4. Omg!! Nostalgic.
    I loved this show.. not missed a single episode.
    N home tv..wow! Hohohohohoho home t.v..

  5. I hope one day any channel will show this series