Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 1986


Tony Leung (Zhang WuJi)
Kitty Lai (Zhao Min)
Sheren Teng (Zhou ZhiRou)
Kenneth Tsang (Golden Hair Lion King)

Plot : Story as name is revolves around Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre and whats the secret in them ,that all in world are killing each other to obtain them.
The protagonist, Zhang Wuji, is of mixed heritage: his father, Zhang Cuishan, hails from the righteous Wudang Sect under the master Zhang Sanfeng, while his mother, Yin Susu, is from the unorthodox Heavenly Eagle Cult. As a boy, he lives with them and his godfather, Xie Xun, on the isolated northern island where he was born. He returns to the Chinese mainland and loses his parents after they are cornered by several pugilists coveting the Dragon-slaying Saber. At the same time, he is wounded by the Xuanming Elders and survives after seeking medical treatment from Hu Qingniu.

His adventures further lead him to discover the long-lost Nine Yang Manual and he masters the skills within, becoming a formidable pugilist. Subsequently, he resolves the conflict between the Ming Cult and the six major orthodox sects, who are intent on destroying the cult. He earns the respect of the cult's members and becomes its leader after mastering the powerful skill "Heaven and Earth Great Shift". He reforms the cult and helps to improve its relations with the other sects. He becomes a key figure in leading the rebel forces to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty.

Throughout his adventures, Zhang finds himself entangled in a complex web of love relationships with four maidens. The first, Yin Li, is a horribly disfigured girl, who is actually his cousin. The second, Xiaozhao, is a beautiful Chinese-Persian servant girl who understands him very well. The third, Zhou Zhiruo, is a childhood friend whom he develops a strong bond with. The fourth, Zhao Min, is a Mongol princess and his former arch-rival. Yin Li is apparently killed in the middle of the story while Xiaozhao returns to Persia after it is revealed that she is destined to lead the Persian Ming Cult.

Review :
This is the third of the Condor Trilogy (LOCH,ROCH,HSDS).This story to me is just an epic like LOCH. Zhang Wuji is way better than both Yang Guo and Guo Jing. He's smart and analyses situations well. He becomes a formidable kungfu master and leader at just 20 yrs age. All the beauties of the show have given their hearts to him .. hehe.. lucky guy.
This show is so well made and tony leung is just awesome. This show is a must watch and this is the best adaptation of HSDS.


  1. what about 2003 series with Alyssa Chen she did a brilliant job there than the newer one....obviously itz abetter option too no doubt...

  2. sorry thats alyssa chia.. so great series to watch with 1986, 2003 version u can see new effects in 2009 version if u wish thats fine too...