Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Final Combat 1989

# Stephen Chow as Tuen Fei
# Francis Ng as Tuen Yuk Lau

Plot : KU FUNG (Ng Man Tat) and TU HOI (Lau Kong), both are the former apprentices under the Sect of Wan Chong. In order to decipher the rebel KU YIM YEUNG's (also played by Ng Man Tat) Virgin Skill, FUNG and HOI took the risk to steal the inherited mystique which contains the Blissful Skill in it. Unfortunately they failed and FUNG was expelled from the sect. As HOI felt obliged to FUNG, he brought up FUNG's son KU YUK LAU (Francis Ng Chun Yu) whereas he neglected the upbringing of his own son TU FEI (Stephen Chow Sing Chi). FEI is an instinct mischief and he dislikes sectarian wrangling. In order to assume the hegemony, LAU has been making use of his own lover SUET NGAN (Nam Kit Ying). He even practises the Virgin Skill under an evil faction. FEI is encouraged by his close friend LEE CHU (Jacqueline Law) in learning the Blissful Skill to fight against LAU in a life-and-death battle.

This show is very hilarious, Stephen Chow is awesome. Never seen him in any other drama but i am fan of his movies. This show has 30 episodes and you will not be bored at any time. The Story is fairly simple , actually the show wouldn't have been in my favorites if stephen was not a part of the show. Fight seens are good. I am having difficulty in remembring much of this show..its been quite a while since i had seen this one.. but i do remember the climax , its just really superb. Check this one out guys ,i bet you will like it. Worth spending time.

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