Monday, February 21, 2011

The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983

This is my all time favorite show starring Felix Wong (Guo Jing) and Barbara Yung (Huang Rong).
This show is made in 3 parts :
LOCH 1 - Iron Blooded Loyalist : Mishappenings to Guo and Yang family. Birth of Guo Jing and how he earns respect from Ghengis Khan and his kungfu learning from Seven Freaks of Jiangnan. Meeting Huang Rong , falling in love. Fight with Yang Kang who is his sworn brother.
LOCH 2 - Eastern Heretic and Westorn Venom : Learning 18 dragon subduing palms. Misunderstanding due to Princess Huazeng who loves Guo Jing. Meeting Zhou Botong on Peach Blossom Island. Competition with Oyang Ke for Huang Rong and Nine Yin Manual. Getting stuck on lonely island. Fight for book of Wumu
LOCH 3 - Battle at Mount Hua: Misunderstanding at begger sect meeting. Fight with Iron Palm Qiu Quanren. Story of Yinggu and Zhou Botong. Reaching to Southern Emperor to save Huang Rong. Fight at Mount Hua. Battle with Jins.

Review : This is the best adaptation of LOCH. All actors are fit to their character. If you consider yourself a wuxia lover and you haven't seen this show then you are not worthy of being a wuxia lover. This is like the most epic story and this show is the best ever made wuxia show in history.


  1. Hi Anubhav, this is Vaibhav, I am a huge fan of LOCH, watched all episodes in my childhood, i have again downloaded all the episodes from the link which you have provided, but couldn't able to download the last 6 episodes from 54-59 as it is removed now. Please help me with this if you can send me some link i will download it. Please respond to this asap.

    1. Hi, can you share the link with me, even I am big fan of LOCH and missing the show

  2. Can anyone send me link to download for all episodes.
    I will really appreciate them.

  3. Anubhav ,
    Need your help bro.
    Can you send me the link.watched it couple of times again and again in chinese on khmervideo , but still want to watch in Hindi again.
    My mail-id :