Friday, April 29, 2011

Lofty Waters Verdant Bow

# Raymond Lam as Jin Shiyi
# Michelle Yip as Lai Shing Nam
# Rain Lee as Kuk Chi Wah
# Mimi Lo as Lee Sum Mui
# Power Chan as Kong Nam
# Eddie Ko as Mang San Tung
# Felix Lok as Duk Long Juen Tse
# Fiona Yuen as Cho Min Yee

Raymond Lam was poisoned in the beginning of the story, that's why he came to seek for Rain Li's master's help. As his journey begins, he gets caught in the affairs in the martial world and meets the two women who loved him most deeply.

Rain Li is the quiet, nice girl; Michelle is the cruel, selfish but very lovely character, because she loves Raymond so very much that she dies because of him. As for Raymond, he loves Rain Li at first, because she is the nice one. But, at the same time, he builds a great relationship with Michelle, but he did not realized he loves her until the moment she dies...
Review :
I have watched this show long time back, i even just remember one character's name that Raymond Lam , the main star.. his name was Jin Shiyi. A young kungfu master who has sort of poisning because of the martial arts he practises. He comes from a distant island to mainland china and meets with this beautiful assasin. This girl though very tough and brutal falls for JinShiyi. But jin shiyi likes this other girl who is very quite , calm and innocent. This love triangle is major story of the show , side by side three of them shares lots of adventures in puglistic world and makes lots of kungfu master their enemies. Jin shiyi becomes friends with the beggar sect and also becomes their leader , though he later passes on his leadership to find a peaceful life.. I liked this very much because it was short just 20 episodes.. story was not atall complex and there were not many strong characters in the story. Overall its a worth watching show..

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