Friday, May 6, 2011

The Zu Mountain Saga


Zu mountain saga is a sequel to Gods and Demons of Zu mountain. In the end of Gods and Demons of Zu, two Ermie sect desciples (Purple & Blue) traps themselves with the blood demon in ice in a cave. Zu Mountain saga starts hundered year later when meteors falls from sky and opens up this cave , thereby melting the ice and blood demon is again awaken. His goal is to rule this world and for that he needs his army. So he approaches to sacred grounds where there is a passage if opened will release the dark demons of underworld.
His mission is hindered by Master Tianchi , Ermie Yuan master , Master of Ting Sing Clan and Dragon Stick Qingcheng. Blood Demon is trapped into a rock . But The Evil Magic King wants to make blood demon his slave so he tries to steal this rock but in the end this rock comes to a hmong village. This rock bursts and a kid comes out it. Everybody thinks of him as a monster but Peter , a servant of the village head Master Miao doesn't think like that and he took care of the kid. This kid is given name Rocky.
Rocky's life is not easy, he has to do all the odd jobs and is tortured by village head's daughter Phoenix and his friends. But then he is rescued by Half Human scholar demon , but half human has his own motives , he also wants to control the blood demon. Rocky soon understand that half human is making him a evil person. He escapes and takes shelter in a Buddhist temple.
The other story involves Yu Yinglam, who is a desciple of Ermie's Master Yuan. She kills the Fox Demon who is actually half human scholar's wife. Half human wants revenge and injures Yu Yinglam. Rocky saves Yu Yinglam and this starts their love story. Meanwhile Rocky is unable to control the monster inside him. Then finally with Half human throwing Rocky into the mysticals blood falls. Rocky's inner monster is finally awaken. He takes full form of blood demon with the sign of Evil right on his forehead.
Though Rocky has turned into a blood demon , he still cares and loves Yu Yinglam which i liked very much. Though he was bad but this Rocky is more confident . He immediately defeats Evil Magic king and takes his position of the Supreme Devil.
With Ying Lam's help and dedication, rocky was able to be back in his nice guy form. And from then on, their task was to get rid of the blood demon that escaped and went into a girl named Chor Yung's body. Chor Yang is a very pretty girl and she became more pretty after becoming a evil. All nice guys turning evil and actually their character also improving. hehe.. Chor Yung at that time was in love with Ying Lam's friend, Sun Do Hung. In order to save his lover Chor Yang, Sun Do Hung did everything that he could do to turn her back into the way she was but he failed and became evil himself. I really liked that underwater kiss scene which makes Sun Do hung evil like his girlfriend Chor Yang. He later was killed by his Master as he turned to evil for love.
Some episodes consisted where Yinglam is cursed by Chor Yang to become a peacock , she can regain normal form only in on every new moon. Later Rocky takes Yinglam to an old witch for help. She had a wheel of time travel and she takes inglam to two of her previous lives. In one she's a girl in a brothel but she doesn't want to be there and ends up in commiting suicide , the other previous life was of Yinglam as a Mongolian ruthless leader.
Apart from Rocky and Yinglam, there were two love stories One was between Sun Dohung and Chor Yang with both of them turning into blood devils. The other was between Seng nan and Heaven girl. Seng nan in order to save Yinglam's friend Paradise boy goes to heaven to steal the magic umbrella for Peach lady. Seng nan and Heaven girl manages to kill the Peach lady but she puts a curse on the umbrella. While Seng nan uses this umbrella to stop Rocky. This curse affects him turning him into stone statue. All the three love stories were very awesome but all of them failed. Which was very disappointing for me. All the main characters looses their life. But don't worry. Rocky and Yinglam finally get togather as they are reincarnated in a new life.. THE END..
A very favorite show to me , it is a part of my childhood and i will always love it.